Why should you use i-Deal Acquisitions

When you buy a house, you use a realtor right? So why, when it’s time to lease or buy a car, boat or plane, do you go it alone? The industry knows all the tricks to get the most money out of your pocket, and the salesperson is highly trained in the art of negotiation. They have a whole team dedicated to making the deal while you are alone on your side of the table. Well not anymore. i-Deal Acquisitions are the experts in the industry, your defense in the sales arena. So, you can leave the negotiating to us. In fact, let us handle your purchase from beginning to end and you can just enjoy the ride.


With over a decade of automotive dealership ownership experience, i-Deal Acquisitions knows the system inside and out. We’ll remove the road blocks and get you behind the wheel of your dream car or truck in no time.

  • New purchase or lease
  • Exotics
  • Antique and classic vehicles
  • Fleet vehicle negotiations
  • Certified pre-owned vehicles

Can I use a trade in? Trade ins are possible, please contact us for details.


i-Deal Acquisitions has unparalleled experience in the marine industry that will make your next boat purchase a breeze. With our vast, award winning expertise in the marine industry, we know the ins and outs of both new and antique boat acquisitions. I-Deal takes care of the entire process, from locating to pre-viewing and price negotiation we can deliver a hassle free deal straight to the water.

  • Recreational boats
  • Antique/Collector boats
  • Yachts


i-Deal Acquisitions will get you up in the skies without the stress of an aircraft purchase weighing you down. We facilitate the purchase via certified sources, taking care of everything from the research and location of your ideal aircraft to pre-viewing, inspections and price negotiation. We can deliver a hassle free buying experience that will leave you with a worry free take off.

  • Single & twin engine aircraft
  • Corporate jet

How does the process work?

Within just about two weeks, i-Deal Acquisitions will source the best vehicle to match your requirements, negotiate terms and present you with your options. Once selected, we will coordinate delivery of your new purchase. For most new automobiles we will bring at least three deals to the table for you to choose from based on your requested specifications and budget.

What if I don’t like the deal?

You are under no obligation to purchase the item(s) I-Deal Acquisitions negotiates for you.  However, the initial fee paid for our services will not be refunded. The client has five business days, unless otherwise agreed, from point of being presented with the final price of item(s) by I-Deal Acquisitions to decide if they want to go ahead with purchase.  If the client chooses not to purchase item within the said time limit, and chooses to want to purchase again at some point in the future, there will be an additional fee of half the original fee.

Other Deals

I-Deal Acquisitions will help with any luxury item purchase no matter what it could be; jewelry, equipment, etc.


Our fees are based on the MSRP or list price of the item. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the cost of a concierge purchasing service is. Call us for a quote at 929-274-3325.