i-Deal Acquisitions solutions provides you an expert platform to negotiate from to help you gain a competitive advantage each and every time you acquire a vehicle. By having a team of industry experts on your side of the deal, we can ensure you get the vehicle you need, when you need it, always at the very best price.

   Planning:  The timing of acquisitions and when to turn them over should be more like a science then guess work.  Our team of industry experts understands the intricacies of leasing, depreciation, fuel management and ROI.  We can help you achieve optimum cost control of your fleet.

   Acquisition:  You are most likely an excellent administrator, but perhaps not an expert at vehicle acquisitions – at the lowest possible cost.  That’s where our expericed pros come in.  We’ll help you develop clear specifications then seek out the best options available, review them with you, then negotiate the best total package for your business.  We help you realize more options and give you greater flexibility.  We will save you real dollars and make you look good in the process.

   Financing:  Will you purchase or lease?  Which gives your business the optimal advantage?  We will show you the options and develop the most effective funding alternatives. Whether an established business or a new start-up, there are often better uses for your cash than an outright purchase.

   Fitup/Branding:  Before you can put your vehicles to work, they must be ready to perform both functionally and communicatively.  Our team will have your fleet quickly prepared and ready for immediate use. From custom fitup packages (workbenches, bins, shelving, ladder racks, compressor, etc.) to attractive vehicle wraps, you’ll be ready to roll on day one.