I am writing to tell you how very pleased both my wife and I are with the service you and I-Deal Acquisitions provided in negotiating the purchase of our new 2015 Subaru Forester. We are not particularly adept at the art of price negotiating ourselves, nor do we enjoy it. We placed what was for us the unpleasant part of buying a new car into your very capable hands. The deal and terms you negotiated far exceeded our expectations, considerably surpassing those available from other car buying sources. Engaging the services of I-Deal Acquisitions was the right choice and well worth the investment, not only on a monetary level, but also in time saved and anxiety eliminated.

Your personal knowledge of the new car manufacturer industry from the inside out, your extraordinary negotiating skills and expertise, and your white-glove-quality personal service are a winning combination. We highly recommend the services of I-Deal Acquisitions to anyone in need of a personal negotiator, whether in regard to the lease or purchase of a new car or other acquisitions.

Thank you again for a job well done.

E Hofer