Three minutes. The time it took Don Ploetner to find the 2007 Toyota Sequoia Limited. Zero minutes: the amount of time I spent negotiating the deal, inspecting the paint and doing an inspection. Twenty minutes. The total amount of time spent at the dealership signing paperwork and taking delivery of the car. $3500 – the amount of value added by Don (reduction of sales price, new tires, brakes and maintenance performed at his request).

You hire Don to make your car buying simple. The experience of employing Don made a transformed the typical game of car buying into a painless, simple and enjoyable experience. Knowing his experience from being the GM of a dealership – I knew he could get the best deal and ask the questions we didn’t even know to ask. It’s been two weeks and nearly 1200 miles of driving with our 2007 Toyota Sequoia Limited and the car is better than described. It literally looks showroom new.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Would I recommend him? I already have and he has already found three cars for three friends in the past two weeks. Money well spent!

– E Kaul